86 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 2

The Physics Girl (@thephysicsgirl) Dianna Cowern is back to continue a wonderful chat about science, women in STEM, education, and of course Physics.

Music at the end from Papercuts with Future Primitive.

85 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 1

The Physics Girl herself (@thephysicsgirl) Dianna Cowern is the guest this week. David travels to San Diego and records a conversation from the offices of the enterprise that is the Physics Girl. Dianna has had a fascinating life, and she’s obsessed with physics and sharing cool physics knowledge with the world. Get to know her and a little bit more about the world just by listening to this episode and watching her youtube videos.

Music at the end, recorded live at the Junk Show, by Common Miner with Pictures from the album The Match That Stayed Lit.

84 – Language with Julie BC pt. 2

84-julie-bcJulie BC (@thebookchew) is back to share more Belgian Blonde Ale from Rince Cochan and continue the discussion on language, culture, and why satire is important. And check out the photos she mentioned here.

Music at the end by Dr. Dog with Unbearable Why.

83 – Language with Julie BC pt. 1

Julie BC (@thebookchew), who has worked for a secret international crime fighting organization and has a BA in Slavic Languages and Literature from UC Berkeley, stops by to share some delicious Belgian Blonde Ale from Rince Cochan and chat about her time in France, what makes language fascinating, and why her cat looks like a jerk.

Music at the end from Common Miner, who will be performing live this Sunday April 9th at the Junk Show’s 37 Month Extravaganza show, with Parade Blue.

82 – Writing with Stephen H. Foreman

Author and screenwriter Stephen H. Foreman (The Jazz Singer, Toehold, Watching Gideon) talks about his upcoming book Journey as well as his early career, his time in the Marines, and his fascinating life story. He and David enjoy some Blonde Ale from Guinness and chat outdoors in Los Angeles.

The music at the end is Some Voices by Pinback from their latest release Some Offcell Voices, which is a full length album comprised of two earlier EPs Offcell and Some Voices. You can purchase this beautiful thing on vinyl here.

81 – Independent Movies with Henry Phillips

81-henry-phillipsComedian, troubadour, and raconteur extraordinaire Henry Phillips (@henlips) drops by to chat about his great new movie Punching Henry, studying music, getting into comedy, and how he got his first movie Punching The Clown made. A call to Dan Pritchard (@danfromorange) starts things off.

Music at the end from Beach Fossils with Shallow.

80 – Bigfoot with Scott Herriott pt. 2

80-Scott-herriottFilmmaker Scott Herriott (@squatch7) of squatchfilms.com is back to share more Cider from Spire Mountain Brewing and finish the tale of his encounter with a sasquatch.

Music at the end from the Pixies with Monkey Gone to Heaven.

79 – Bigfoot with Scott Herriott pt. 1

Filmmaker, comedian, and Bigfoot enthusiast Scott Herriott (squatchfilms.com) visits to share some Spire Mountain Draft Cider, talk about the legend of Bigfoot, and discuss his personal encounter. It’s a riveting tale. Grab some cider of your own and join in. A call to Jackie Kashian (@jackiekashian), whose new album I’m Not the Hero of This story is out now, kicks things off.

Music at the end from Middle Kids with Edge of Town.