BONUS Episode #1

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76 – Free Will with Prashanth Venkat pt. 2

76-Prashanth-VenkatPrashanth Venkat(@Venkatetc) is back, but did he live? After a health scare in episode one, he and David discuss that along with the concept of choice, free will, decisions, and a little bit about Prashanth’s studies in Molecular Biology. They share more delicious Roasted Marshmallow Cream Hard Soda from Indian Wells.

The song at the end is Best Kept Secret by Case/Lang/Veirs.

75 – Free Will with Prashanth Venkat pt. 1

Comedian, writer, and molecular biologist Prashanth Venkat (@Venkatetc) shares some Indian Wells Roasted Marshmallow Cream Hard Soda and discusses free will, luck, challenges, success, and health. Will he live to see part two?

Music at the end from Too $hort with Gettin’ It.