46 – Singularity University with Aaron Frank pt. 2

From the lab at the Singularity University, David and his girlfriend visit with Aaron Frank (@aarondfrank) for part two of their chat about A.I., technology, simulations, philosophies, and much more. A phone chat with the fantastically talented artist Jeanne Hospod (@JeanneHospod) kicks things off.

The music at the end is The Thought of You from the album Falling is like Flying by Tiny Stills.

28 – Ancient Ceramics with Brett Kern pt. 2

Artist Brett Kern (@brettkernart) returns to talk more about art, his life, ceramics, and we share more Winter Solstice from Anderson Valley Brewing. Part three of the Ambrose call starts things off.

Brett will be displaying his work at the Box Gallery in Kansas City, MO from the 14th-27th as part of Dino-Might, and he will be at the opening reception March 18th at 6:30pm. Go and say hello!

The music at the end is Starting Over is a Lot Like Giving up from the Album Falling Is Like Flying by Tiny Stills.