62 – Startups with Heath Black pt. 2

62-heath-blackHeath Black (@heathwblack) from imzy.com is back, along with more Smoked Porter from Stone Brewing, for the second part of a great chat about startups, technology, the American Dream, Silicon Valley, and the future of humanity.

A Dictator’s Lament by Papercuts closes it out.

61 – Startups with Heath Black pt. 1

Heath Black, who currently works for Imzy and previously worked at Reddit, stops by to share some Smoked Porter from Stone Brewing and chat about startups, technology, equality, and the future.

Music at the end from Charlie Van Stee with Handle.

60 – Educational Technology with Lyle Tavernier pt. 2

60-lyle-tavernierPart two of the chat with JPL Instructional Tech Specialist Lyle Tavernier (@lyletav) and his delicious home brewed IPA. This one gets further into Mars, the search for life, and figuring out whether we are alone.

Music at the end by Young Prisms with the song Runner.

46 – Singularity University with Aaron Frank pt. 2

From the lab at the Singularity University, David and his girlfriend visit with Aaron Frank (@aarondfrank) for part two of their chat about A.I., technology, simulations, philosophies, and much more. A phone chat with the fantastically talented artist Jeanne Hospod (@JeanneHospod) kicks things off.

The music at the end is The Thought of You from the album Falling is like Flying by Tiny Stills.