127 – Electrical Engineering with Sam Mandegaran pt. 3

Sam Mandegaran is back for another great chat and updates on the start-up he is involved with. He also explains what a ‘quadplexor’ is and how a number of common electrical items work. It’s a fascinating discussion over River Buddy Pale Ales from Kern River Brewing.

Music at the end from Pell with Runaway.

Episode 12 – Sam Mandegaran pt. 2

sam-mandegaranSam Mandegaran, who studied at Princeton and Cal Tech, is back this week to continue our conversation about start-ups, electrical engineering, computer chips, film, and more. Sleek Zeke from El Segundo Brewing is the beer this week. It’s a nice pale wheat ale. A call to Keith Blomberg, who directed One-Headed Beast, gets it started, and a song from Matthew Robins (a Snake Bit my Hand) closes it out. You can buy the album Noah’s Ark here.

Episode 11 – Sam Mandegaran pt. 1

Sam Mandegaran is an electrical engineer who studied at Cal Tech and Princeton. He is also a filmmaker, and an enjoyer of beer. We sit down over some Citra Pale Ale from El Segundo Brewing and chat about science, electrical engineering, art, intelligence, and lots more. The song at the end is courtesy of Casual Strangers once again.