88 – System Engineering with Jeremiah Crane pt. 2

88-jeremiah-craneJeremiah and Dave share more Whiskey Barrel Brew from Indian Wells and continue their chat about System Engineering, exploring space, why it matters, and then they try to figure out what the universe feels like.

Music at the end from the Fresh and Onlys with Dream Girls.

87 – System Engineering with Jeremiah Crane pt. 1

System Engineer Jeremiah Crane, who has degrees from USC and Georgia Tech drops by to chat with David about Model Based System Engineering over some Whiskey Barrel Brew from Indian Wells. The title might sound kind of boring, but Jeremiah has lived a fascinating life and studied and interned at some very interesting places, like an electronics company in Japan. He and David have a great conversation about space travel, rockets, the universe, all of it. Grab your own Whiskey Barrel Brew and join in. A call to Steven Yates (@StevenEYates) kicks things off.

Music at the end from Motorama with Ghost.

68 – The Love of Space pt. 2 with Mat Kaplan

Recorded in the old vault of the Planetary Society, it’s part two of a great chat with Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan. He and David share more Elysian Space Dust IPA and discuss Mat’s life, his love of space, Ray Bradbury, and what’s next in humanity’s quest to find out where it came from.

If you would like to become a member of the Planetary Society or gift a membership to a space enthusiast in your life, click on those links.

Music at the end by Elton John with Rocket Man.

64 – Asteroids with Farah Alibay pt. 2

farah-alibay-02Continuation of a great chat with Farah Alibay, who has a PhD from MIT in Astronautics and works at JPL, over Punkin Ale from Dogfish Head. The talk covers lots of areas from Mars to space in general to sports to Noam Chomsky.

Music at the end from The Vibes with Numbers.

60 – Educational Technology with Lyle Tavernier pt. 2

60-lyle-tavernierPart two of the chat with JPL Instructional Tech Specialist Lyle Tavernier (@lyletav) and his delicious home brewed IPA. This one gets further into Mars, the search for life, and figuring out whether we are alone.

Music at the end by Young Prisms with the song Runner.

59 – Educational Technology with Lyle Tavernier pt. 1

Instructional Tech Specialist Lyle Tavernier (@lyletav) from JPL brings his own homebrew to share with David and chat about space, science, education, technology, and exploring the universe. A chat with Amber (@amber914u) starts things off.

Music at the end from Sarah Ruth’s album Words on the Wind with the song Dust Bowl.

Episode 21 – Dan Pritchard Pt. 1

Dan Pritchard, who engineers the show, is the guest this week from Australia. Not only does he know a lot about comedy, he also raises and breeds guppies. We chat via skype about breeding Exotic Fish, comedy, life, and much more. Matthew Wielicki makes a return as we try to figure out how excited we should get for Planet Nine.

The music at the end is Final Voyage from Yojimbo Billions (@YojiBillions) from the album Our Bodies our Machines.

Episode 2 – Matthew Wielicki pt. 2

After a quick chat with the Waco Kid (@tepid_mess), I continue my conversation with Matthew about Planetary Exploration. We get into the specifics of finding life on other planets, whether it would be wise to disrupt them or attempt to communicate, and we devise plans to get ourselves to other worlds. We also enjoy more Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven.

Episode 1 – Matthew Wielicki Pt. 1

In the inaugural episode, I head into the cave and chat briefly with James Curle, who was the first to tweet in his phone number. Then I sit down with Matthew Wielicki, who has a PhD from UCLA in geochemistry, and chat about something I have been interested in for a long time — Planetary Exploration. We share some Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven (which is a tasty Saison) and chat about how to go to other planets, why we would go, and what we would do when we get there. Grab a cool beer, and join in.