92 – Ecology with Sheila Madrak and Corey Clatterbuck pt. 2

Part two of a great conversation about earth, the environment, the advancement of science, and sea birds with Sheila Madrak (@shishfish) and Corey Clatterbuck (@cocotross). The beer this time is Dawn Patrol from Great Basin Brewing courtesy of Vernon Heater.

Music at the end from Kimbro with Dreams featuring Chris Prythm.

91 – Ecology with Doc Mad and Corey Clatterbuck pt. 1

Sheila Madrak (@shishfish), a PhD in Ecology, is back with her friend Corey Clatterbuck (@Cocotross), who is pursuing her PhD, to talk about the planet, its future, the current state of things, why we should worry, why we should feel ok, and of course, charismatic mega fauna. Corey brings by a pie that is insanely delicious, and the gang shares some Brown Ale from Indian Wells during a riveting chat about the state of the planet.

Music at the end of Hazel English with More Like You.