110 – Planetary Society with Danielle Gunn pt. 2

110-danielle-gunnThe ever-delightful Danielle Gunn (@DanielleRGunn), who is the communications manager for the Planetary Society, is back to finish off a conversation that gets more philosophical as more Double Nut Brown from Mammoth Brewing is consumed. If you enjoying thinking about the universe, this episode is just for you.

Music at the end from the great Tom Petty with Even the Losers.

108 – Science & Happiness with Alie Ward pt. 2

108-Alie-WardAlie Ward (@alieward), the host of the Ologies podcast and part of Innovation Nation on CBS, is back for part two of a splendid chat about her life, her love of science, bugs, and how to find happiness.

Music at the end from Jacob Sanders with Chill Facade.

96 – Neural Systems with Teagan Wall pt. 2

96-teagan-wallTeagan Wall (@teagwall) is back to finish the Allagash White Ale and the stimulating conversation on economics, science, neuroscience, and being a comedy writer. She also takes a stab at describing the universe.

Music at the end from Broadcast with Corporeal.

90 – Sci Comm with Cara Santa Maria pt. 2

The host of the Talk Nerdy to Me podcast, and all-around science nut, Cara Santa Maria is back for part two of a fantastic chat about all things science, life, the universe, and all of it. She also explains a bit about her tattoos and the meaning behind some of them.

Music at the end from Rilo Kiley with Dreamworld.

89 – Sci Comm with Cara Santa Maria pt. 1

89-cara-santa-mariaCara Santa Maria (@CaraSantaMaria), who hosts the Talk Nerdy to Me podcast and is a wealth of knowledge about all things science, stops by for a fun chat about her life, her interest in science, why she loves it, and where the world might be headed.

Music at the end from Generationals with Spinoza.

34 – Stem Cells with Heather Wright and Katie Sanders pt. 4

Heather Wright and Katie Sanders share some Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewing company with David and discuss Stem Cells, ethics, scientific advancement, and many other things in part four of their ongoing discussion. A call to Nate Chappell (@wolfoutTV) starts things off, and music from Prince closes it out.

26 – Scientific Advancement with Crystal Dilworth pt. 2

25_crystal-dilworthMolecular Neuroscientist Crystal Dilworth, PhD (@PolychrystalhD), is back this week to talk more about science, existence, computing, research, gender roles in the science community, and choreographing the Caltech production of Boldly Go. A call to Quantum Chess creator Chris Cantwell gets things started.

The music at the end of this episode is Not a Problem by Kali Kazoo. They will be playing live at the Other Door in North Hollywood Wednesday March 2nd. Their latest album ins called Contrary to Popular Belief.

25 – Scientific Advancement with Crystal Dilworth pt. 1

Crystal Dilworth, PhD, drops by to chat about the world of science, how to advance awareness of scientific discovery, her home schooling, quantum chess, entanglement, and her upcoming theater production, Boldly Go, premiering Friday February 26th at Caltech. A call to one of my favorite people, Martha Kelly (Baskets on FX) starts things off.

The music at the end is Hey Look from the album Contrary to Popular Belief by Kali Kazoo.

Episode 20 – Chris Davidson Pt. 2

Chris_DavisonProfessor Mysterioso (@ChrisLTH) is back once again to talk more about Speciation, misconceptions, genes, and so much more. We have some more California Blonde Ale from Eel River Brewing, and I blather about current events at the beginning. To end it, we play Starman from David Bowie, who is hopefully back at home among the stars.

If you would like to chat more with Chris, you email him at chris[at]lthmedia.com