116 – Science Journalism with Sanden Totten pt. 2

116-sanden-tottenSanden Totten (@sandentotten), from Bill Nye Saves the World and the Brains On! Podcast, returns to share more pear cider from Sonoma Cider and continue a great chat about science, information, punk rock, identity, and how to trust data and information.

Music at the end from Craft Spells with Your Tomb.

109 – Planetary Society with Danielle Gunn pt. 1

Danielle Gunn (@DanielleRGunn) is the communications manager at the Planetary Society and also a delightful human being who is fascinated with space, our exploration of it, and what we already know about it. Join in with some Double Nut Brown from Mammoth Brewing to hear how she ended up in her position and what we might be up to next in the world of space exploration. A chat with Non Wels starts things off.

Music at the end from Tom Petty with Runnin’ Down a Dream.

107 – Science & Happiness with Alie Ward pt. 1

Alie Ward (@alieward), a science correspondent for Innovation Nation on CBS and the host of the Ologies Podcast, brings by some delicious margaboochas and chats about growing up as a weird kid, getting really into science, and how volunteering was instrumental in finding happiness in life. Join in for part one of a great chat. A delightful conversation with Hana Worku starts things off.

Music at the end from Jacob Sanders and his new project Celebrity Warship with Best Friends.

86 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 2

The Physics Girl (@thephysicsgirl) Dianna Cowern is back to continue a wonderful chat about science, women in STEM, education, and of course Physics.

Music at the end from Papercuts with Future Primitive.