87 – System Engineering with Jeremiah Crane pt. 1

System Engineer Jeremiah Crane, who has degrees from USC and Georgia Tech drops by to chat with David about Model Based System Engineering over some Whiskey Barrel Brew from Indian Wells. The title might sound kind of boring, but Jeremiah has lived a fascinating life and studied and interned at some very interesting places, like an electronics company in Japan. He and David have a great conversation about space travel, rockets, the universe, all of it. Grab your own Whiskey Barrel Brew and join in. A call to Steven Yates (@StevenEYates) kicks things off.

Music at the end from Motorama with Ghost.

67 – The Love of Space with Mat Kaplan pt. 1

Mat Kaplan, the velvety smooth voice behind Planetary Radio, shares some Space Dust IPA from Elysian Brewing and talks about his life, his early fascination with space, what he loves about it, and what excites him about future exploration.

To learn more and/or become a member of the Planetary Society (highly recommended) click here.

Music at the end from D.D. Dumbo with Satan.

29 – JPL with Jason Rabinovitch pt. 1

Jason Rabinovitch, a PhD who studied at Yale and Caltech, had an internship at CERN, and currently works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, visits the Space Cave to share some Elysian Space Dust IPA and chat about his life, physics, space, and what it’s like to work at JPL. Part four of the chat with Ambrose starts it off.

The music at the end of this episode is Red: Alone from the new album You’re Doomed. Be Nice. from Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place.