38 – Film Restoration With Samuel B. Prime pt. 2

038-samuel-b-primeSamuel B. Prime (@sbprime) of L.A. Cine Salon is back to share more Chocolate Stout from Samuel Adams and continue the chat about film restoration, archiving, preservation, interests, Catch My Soul, and a lot more. Grab a libation and join in.

The music at the end is In The Weeds from the album Low Speed Buildings by Dog Adrift.

37 – Film Restoration with Samuel B. Prime pt. 1

Samuel B. Prime of L.A. Cine Salon drops by to share some Sam Adams 13th Hour and chat about his love of film, film restoration, archiving, and the masterpiece Catch My Soul. A call to Artie (@ArtieFissio) kicks things off.

The music at the end is That Kind of Girl from the album Kicking Every Day by All Dogs.