Episode 18 – Kyle McGinn pt. 2

IMG_20151017_142206Kyle McGinn is back to talk more about Poetry, his process, how you define poetry, and what makes it good. We also read a bit of poetry and discuss what we enjoy about the genre while we drink more Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing. It’s a relaxed, mellow vibe this week with just a few ghosts walking around above the basement. A call to Ira (@wemetintheair) gets it going.

The music at the end of this episode is Sirens from The Pack A.D.

Episode 17 – Kyle McGinn pt. 1

Kyle McGinn writes poetry, and he is also cancer-free after going through treatment recently. He was nice enough to bring over some Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing while I was in Minneapolis, and we sat in a basement and chatted about poetry, life, art, creativity, and how you move on after beating cancer. The final episode of 2015 is a positive one. Grab some Moose Drool and join in. A call to Zeke (@ironmanmode) starts it off.

The music at the end of this episode is from Dog Adrift and it’s called In the Weeds