86 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 2

The Physics Girl (@thephysicsgirl) Dianna Cowern is back to continue a wonderful chat about science, women in STEM, education, and of course Physics.

Music at the end from Papercuts with Future Primitive.

85 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 1

The Physics Girl herself (@thephysicsgirl) Dianna Cowern is the guest this week. David travels to San Diego and records a conversation from the offices of the enterprise that is the Physics Girl. Dianna has had a fascinating life, and she’s obsessed with physics and sharing cool physics knowledge with the world. Get to know her and a little bit more about the world just by listening to this episode and watching her youtube videos.

Music at the end, recorded live at the Junk Show, by Common Miner with Pictures from the album The Match That Stayed Lit.

30 – JPL with Jason Rabinovitch pt. 2

The brilliant Jason Rabinovitch is back this week to share some Avatar Jasmine IPA from Elysian Brewing and chat more about his journey in science, CERN, JPL, hockey, life, and everything. A call to Andy Thompson starts things off.

The music at the end of this episode is Rebels of Our Own Kind by Charlie Van Stee.

Episode 9 – Wes Campbell pt. 1

Wes Campbell, who has a PhD in Physics from Harvard, drops by the cave this week to share some sour beer from Black Market Brewing and chat about his research with the Campbell group through UCLA. We talk about atoms, quantum computers, the need for science, how it is disseminated, and more. We also learn about this, which Wes wanted to be shared — and rightly so. A call to Alfonso Callejas kicks things off.

The end music is by Seres, and it is called Paralelos. You can find more here.