113 – Marine & Molecular Biology with Tony Sam pt. 1

Tony Sam (@ToekneeSam) has degrees in Marine and Molecular Biology AND Chemistry, and now he works in comedy full-time. He spends some time in the Space Cave talking about his life, SCUBA diving and working as a marine biologist, and how he ended up in comedy — all while sharing some Foam Top Blonde Ale from Beachwood Brewing. A call to Fat Camp starts things off.

Music at the end from Fat Camp with Raining Snow.

56 – Environmental Engineering with Ella Gale pt. 2

56 - ella-galeElla Gale is back to continue the chat on Environmental Engineering while sharing more Orange Wheat from Hangar 24.

The song at the end is another from It’s Not That Hard, the debut album from Wam Dingis. It’s called Sugar Honey.

Episode 6 – Sheila Madrak pt. 2

06_sheila-madrakSheila Madrak is back this week with Petunia to continue our chat about the ocean, turtles, ecology, charismatic megafauna, and so much more. This time we are sticking with something from Stone Brewing in San Diego and enjoying their Arrogant Bastard Ale. Listen to a quick check-in with Chris Luchterhand (@chrisrluch) via twitter, grab a refreshment, and then join in.