118 – Philosophy with Jack O’Brien pt. 2

118-jack-obrienJack O’Brien (@jack_obrien) from the Daily Zeitgeist is back to continue a stimulating chat on philosophy, life, basketball, and how a person becomes who they are.

Music at the end from Sonic Youth with Kool Thing.

65 – Plants with Matt Candeias pt. 1

sc-matt-candeias-02Matt Candeias from In Defense of Plants joins David via skype to share some Octoberfest from Bell’s Brewing and chat about botany, plants, ecosystems, and protecting the planet. Some comedy to start it off from the late great Andy Ritchie.

Music at the end from Mint Royale with Ring.

55 – Environmental Engineering with Ella Gale pt. 1

Austin comedian and environmental engineer Ella Gale (@hellakale) is the guest. She joins David to share some Orange Wheat from Hangar 24 and chat about the planet, its health, and what can be done to alter it. A call to Grace (@AnonEMaus) starts it off.

The song at the end is Pretty is Fancy from the debut album It’s Not That Hard by Wam Dingis.