52 – Material Science with Dagny Fleischman pt. 2

52-dagnyCaltech PhD candidate Dagny Fleischman is back to sample some Smoking Redhead by Brewyard Brewing Company and talk more about Material Science, chemistry, STEM, and women in science. It’s a terrific cap to the first 52 weeks of the podcast.

The episode concludes with Dance Away from Smith Westerns.

51 – Material Science with Dagny Fleischman

Caltech PhD candidate Dagny Fleischman visits over some Summer Pale Ale from Port Brewing and discusses Material Science, chemistry, beer, her life, and so much more. A call to Sasha (@UncleButler) starts things off.

The music at the end is The Helmsman by Ambulance LTD.

43 – Material Sciences with Dylan Haas pt. 1

Dylan Haas, who has a PhD in Material Sciences, talks about his life, career, and academic pursuits as well as addiction and recovery. It was recorded from a hotel room during the Treefort Festival in Boise with David sampling some Dagger Falls IPA by Sockeye brewing. Part two of the chat with Riley Newton gets things started.

The music at the end is Into Black by the band Blouse.