125 – Library Science & Secularism with Jeff Sargeant pt. 1

Jeff Sargeant (@jeffsomething) is a librarian, and he studied film at USC. He’s also an integral part of the Junk Show and LA’s Sunday Assembly. He dropped by (with his own Brett Kern mug) and chatted about all this this and more over Boddington’s Pub Ale.

Music at the end from Krestovsky with Terrible Art.

116 – Science Journalism with Sanden Totten pt. 2

116-sanden-tottenSanden Totten (@sandentotten), from Bill Nye Saves the World and the Brains On! Podcast, returns to share more pear cider from Sonoma Cider and continue a great chat about science, information, punk rock, identity, and how to trust data and information.

Music at the end from Craft Spells with Your Tomb.