76 – Free Will with Prashanth Venkat pt. 2

76-Prashanth-VenkatPrashanth Venkat(@Venkatetc) is back, but did he live? After a health scare in episode one, he and David discuss that along with the concept of choice, free will, decisions, and a little bit about Prashanth’s studies in Molecular Biology. They share more delicious Roasted Marshmallow Cream Hard Soda from Indian Wells.

The song at the end is Best Kept Secret by Case/Lang/Veirs.

74 – Forming Habits with Owen Wiseman pt. 2

owen-wisemanWriter Owen Wiseman (@ogwiseman) is back to share more Orange Blossom Amber from Indian Wells Brewing and chat more about mental fortitude, habits, and creating a version of yourself that is prepared to handle the world.

Music at the end from Pinback with Tripoli.

71 – Electrical Engineering with Susie Schober and Ehsan Pakbaznia pt. 1

Susie Schober and Ehsan Pakbaznia, who met while getting their PhDs from USC, drop by to share some Triple Amnesia IPA from Indian Wells Brewing and discuss how the digital world is made, how they met, and how best to define genius.

The song at the end is Gravity by Arjun.