91 – Ecology with Doc Mad and Corey Clatterbuck pt. 1

Sheila Madrak (@shishfish), a PhD in Ecology, is back with her friend Corey Clatterbuck (@Cocotross), who is pursuing her PhD, to talk about the planet, its future, the current state of things, why we should worry, why we should feel ok, and of course, charismatic mega fauna. Corey brings by a pie that is insanely delicious, and the gang shares some Brown Ale from Indian Wells during a riveting chat about the state of the planet.

Music at the end of Hazel English with More Like You.

88 – System Engineering with Jeremiah Crane pt. 2

88-jeremiah-craneJeremiah and Dave share more Whiskey Barrel Brew from Indian Wells and continue their chat about System Engineering, exploring space, why it matters, and then they try to figure out what the universe feels like.

Music at the end from the Fresh and Onlys with Dream Girls.

87 – System Engineering with Jeremiah Crane pt. 1

System Engineer Jeremiah Crane, who has degrees from USC and Georgia Tech drops by to chat with David about Model Based System Engineering over some Whiskey Barrel Brew from Indian Wells. The title might sound kind of boring, but Jeremiah has lived a fascinating life and studied and interned at some very interesting places, like an electronics company in Japan. He and David have a great conversation about space travel, rockets, the universe, all of it. Grab your own Whiskey Barrel Brew and join in. A call to Steven Yates (@StevenEYates) kicks things off.

Music at the end from Motorama with Ghost.

76 – Free Will with Prashanth Venkat pt. 2

76-Prashanth-VenkatPrashanth Venkat(@Venkatetc) is back, but did he live? After a health scare in episode one, he and David discuss that along with the concept of choice, free will, decisions, and a little bit about Prashanth’s studies in Molecular Biology. They share more delicious Roasted Marshmallow Cream Hard Soda from Indian Wells.

The song at the end is Best Kept Secret by Case/Lang/Veirs.

74 – Forming Habits with Owen Wiseman pt. 2

owen-wisemanWriter Owen Wiseman (@ogwiseman) is back to share more Orange Blossom Amber from Indian Wells Brewing and chat more about mental fortitude, habits, and creating a version of yourself that is prepared to handle the world.

Music at the end from Pinback with Tripoli.

71 – Electrical Engineering with Susie Schober and Ehsan Pakbaznia pt. 1

Susie Schober and Ehsan Pakbaznia, who met while getting their PhDs from USC, drop by to share some Triple Amnesia IPA from Indian Wells Brewing and discuss how the digital world is made, how they met, and how best to define genius.

The song at the end is Gravity by Arjun.