Guppy Show

Did you know there are competitive guppy shows? Well there are, and now you can get right into the action as if you were there.

Episode 22 – Dan Pritchard Pt. 2

IMG_5603The Guppy conversation continues with exotic fish breeder extraordinaire, Dan Pritchard (@danfromorange), who calls in all the way from Australia. Find out all about rare fish breeds, finding new varieties, the ethics involved in discovering them, and what makes them pretty. A call to old podcast pal (and Green Circle Award Winner) Steven Yates kicks things off.

The music at the end of this episode is I Could Be by Hat and Boots. Who are they? Who gave me this music?

Episode 21 – Dan Pritchard Pt. 1

Dan Pritchard, who engineers the show, is the guest this week from Australia. Not only does he know a lot about comedy, he also raises and breeds guppies. We chat via skype about breeding Exotic Fish, comedy, life, and much more. Matthew Wielicki makes a return as we try to figure out how excited we should get for Planet Nine.

The music at the end is Final Voyage from Yojimbo Billions (@YojiBillions) from the album Our Bodies our Machines.