114 – Molecular & Marine Biology with Tony Sam pt. 2

114-tony-samTony Same (@toekneesam), a comedian and writer who studied Marine and Molecular Biology, is back to share more Foam Top Blonde Ale from Beachwood Brewing and discuss what it was like to collect samples from the ocean, work in a molecular biology lab, and how he eventually got into comedy.

Music at the end from Krestovsky with Science Song!

113 – Marine & Molecular Biology with Tony Sam pt. 1

Tony Sam (@ToekneeSam) has degrees in Marine and Molecular Biology AND Chemistry, and now he works in comedy full-time. He spends some time in the Space Cave talking about his life, SCUBA diving and working as a marine biologist, and how he ended up in comedy — all while sharing some Foam Top Blonde Ale from Beachwood Brewing. A call to Fat Camp starts things off.

Music at the end from Fat Camp with Raining Snow.

Episode 21 – Dan Pritchard Pt. 1

Dan Pritchard, who engineers the show, is the guest this week from Australia. Not only does he know a lot about comedy, he also raises and breeds guppies. We chat via skype about breeding Exotic Fish, comedy, life, and much more. Matthew Wielicki makes a return as we try to figure out how excited we should get for Planet Nine.

The music at the end is Final Voyage from Yojimbo Billions (@YojiBillions) from the album Our Bodies our Machines.