92 – Ecology with Sheila Madrak and Corey Clatterbuck pt. 2

Part two of a great conversation about earth, the environment, the advancement of science, and sea birds with Sheila Madrak (@shishfish) and Corey Clatterbuck (@cocotross). The beer this time is Dawn Patrol from Great Basin Brewing courtesy of Vernon Heater.

Music at the end from Kimbro with Dreams featuring Chris Prythm.

91 – Ecology with Doc Mad and Corey Clatterbuck pt. 1

Sheila Madrak (@shishfish), a PhD in Ecology, is back with her friend Corey Clatterbuck (@Cocotross), who is pursuing her PhD, to talk about the planet, its future, the current state of things, why we should worry, why we should feel ok, and of course, charismatic mega fauna. Corey brings by a pie that is insanely delicious, and the gang shares some Brown Ale from Indian Wells during a riveting chat about the state of the planet.

Music at the end of Hazel English with More Like You.

66 – Plants with Matt Candeias pt. 2

Matt Candeias, a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois, is back to share more Octoberfest from Bell’s Brewing and dispense more knowledge about plants, botany, the environment, and mall people.

The song at the end is Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen.

More info on Matt’s website and podcast.

65 – Plants with Matt Candeias pt. 1

sc-matt-candeias-02Matt Candeias from In Defense of Plants joins David via skype to share some Octoberfest from Bell’s Brewing and chat about botany, plants, ecosystems, and protecting the planet. Some comedy to start it off from the late great Andy Ritchie.

Music at the end from Mint Royale with Ring.

56 – Environmental Engineering with Ella Gale pt. 2

56 - ella-galeElla Gale is back to continue the chat on Environmental Engineering while sharing more Orange Wheat from Hangar 24.

The song at the end is another from It’s Not That Hard, the debut album from Wam Dingis. It’s called Sugar Honey.

Episode 6 – Sheila Madrak pt. 2

06_sheila-madrakSheila Madrak is back this week with Petunia to continue our chat about the ocean, turtles, ecology, charismatic megafauna, and so much more. This time we are sticking with something from Stone Brewing in San Diego and enjoying their Arrogant Bastard Ale. Listen to a quick check-in with Chris Luchterhand (@chrisrluch) via twitter, grab a refreshment, and then join in.

Episode 5 – Sheila Madrak


Sheila Madrak (@shishfish), a marine ecologist pursuing her PhD in Conservation Ecology from the Joint Doctoral Program in Ecology at San Diego State University and UC Davis, was nice enough to drive up from San Diego with her pet turtle Petunia and talk about marine life, ecosystems, how to keep them safe, and the role of humans in all of it. We also enjoyed some Ruination Ale from Stone Brewing in San Diego. All of which was thoroughly enjoyable. A call to Kim Bowman, who has been incredibly helpful with the podcast so far, kicks it off as we chat about her genealogy. Get nice and cozy and join in.