121 – The Future with Ahmed Best pt.1

121-ahmed-bestAhmed Best (@ahmedbest), host of The Afrofuturist Podcast and an accomplished actor, dropped by for a thoroughly engaging conversation about the future, humans, art, justice, and his upbringing. It’s a great start to a new year. Enjoy!

Music at the end from Deerhunter with Never Stops.

103 – Educational Video Production with Laura & Rob Sams pt. 1

103 - laura-rob-samsLaura and Rob Sams (@sisbrostudios) are a brother and sister team that create smart, funny, educational videos about a variety of things. They usually involve science and music, and they are great. To see some of their work, visit their website sisbro.com

Music at the end from Charlie Van Stee with Turn Back the Clock.

58 – Figuring Out Life with Josh Radnor pt. 2

58-josh-radnorPart two of the chat with Josh Radnor about life, happiness, fulfillment, ambition, and everything along the way.

The song at the end is Let Me Be Your Girl by Rachael Yamagata from her new album Tightrope Walker. You can see the video for the song, directed by Josh and starring Allison Janney, HERE.

50 – Contemporary Culture with Ramin Nazer pt. 2

Ramin-NazerThe 50th episode of this storied franchise has Ramin Nazer back for part two of the chat about life, creativity, art, culture, and staying productive. They share more Gallagher from June Lake Brewing.

The song at the end is Palace of the Flames from the album Creatures by Elf Power.

49 – Contemporary Culture with Ramin Nazer pt. 1

Comedian and artist Ramin Nazer, author of Strippy Comics, drops by to share some beer from June Lake Brewing and chat about being creative, what inspires, and how to stay productive. A call to Matt (@badwolf408) kicks things off.

The music at the end is Strangers from the album To and Fro by Liz de Lise.

35 – Transitions with Tony Thaxton pt. 1

Tony Thaxton from Motion City Soundtrack stops by to share some Saison from June Lake Brewing and talk about the band’s final tour, drumming, life changes, moving on, art, creativity, and lots more. A call to Dave Thaxton (@JonPaxton) in Utah starts things off.

The music at the end is Wide Awake from Secrets by Deep Sea Diver.

31- Pursuits with Mike Wiebe pt. 1

Mike Wiebe (@mikewiebe), the lead singer of the Riverboat Gamblers, shares some Trooper Ale from Iron Maiden Brewing, and we discuss origins, art, music, creativity, and why any of that matters. A chat with Boise State student Tiffany McCree kicks things off.

The song at the end of this episode is Blue Ghosts from Mike’s band Riverboat Gamblers.

Episode 18 – Kyle McGinn pt. 2

IMG_20151017_142206Kyle McGinn is back to talk more about Poetry, his process, how you define poetry, and what makes it good. We also read a bit of poetry and discuss what we enjoy about the genre while we drink more Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing. It’s a relaxed, mellow vibe this week with just a few ghosts walking around above the basement. A call to Ira (@wemetintheair) gets it going.

The music at the end of this episode is Sirens from The Pack A.D.

Episode 17 – Kyle McGinn pt. 1

Kyle McGinn writes poetry, and he is also cancer-free after going through treatment recently. He was nice enough to bring over some Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing while I was in Minneapolis, and we sat in a basement and chatted about poetry, life, art, creativity, and how you move on after beating cancer. The final episode of 2015 is a positive one. Grab some Moose Drool and join in. A call to Zeke (@ironmanmode) starts it off.

The music at the end of this episode is from Dog Adrift and it’s called In the Weeds

Episode 12 – Sam Mandegaran pt. 2

sam-mandegaranSam Mandegaran, who studied at Princeton and Cal Tech, is back this week to continue our conversation about start-ups, electrical engineering, computer chips, film, and more. Sleek Zeke from El Segundo Brewing is the beer this week. It’s a nice pale wheat ale. A call to Keith Blomberg, who directed One-Headed Beast, gets it started, and a song from Matthew Robins (a Snake Bit my Hand) closes it out. You can buy the album Noah’s Ark here.