Episode 18 – Kyle McGinn pt. 2

IMG_20151017_142206Kyle McGinn is back to talk more about Poetry, his process, how you define poetry, and what makes it good. We also read a bit of poetry and discuss what we enjoy about the genre while we drink more Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing. It’s a relaxed, mellow vibe this week with just a few ghosts walking around above the basement. A call to Ira (@wemetintheair) gets it going.

The music at the end of this episode is Sirens from The Pack A.D.

Episode 17 – Kyle McGinn pt. 1

Kyle McGinn writes poetry, and he is also cancer-free after going through treatment recently. He was nice enough to bring over some Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing while I was in Minneapolis, and we sat in a basement and chatted about poetry, life, art, creativity, and how you move on after beating cancer. The final episode of 2015 is a positive one. Grab some Moose Drool and join in. A call to Zeke (@ironmanmode) starts it off.

The music at the end of this episode is from Dog Adrift and it’s called In the Weeds

Episode 14 – Heather Wright and Katie Sanders pt. 2

13-heather-katie-03Heather Wright and Katie Sanders are back for another chat. This time the PhD candidates from UC Irvine and I sit down with some home brew from their friend Bach Tran to talk more about their studies in cancer research. We get further into what we know about it, how it may be overcome, and what it’s like to proselytize on a plane. The beer is great, and the conversation is full of fascinating information.

The music at the end of this episode is from Common Miner. The album is called The Match that Stayed Lit, and the song is Gardner.

Episode 13 – Heather Wright and Katie Sanders pt. 1

Heather Wright and Katie Sanders (@BioCuriousKatie), who are each pursuing PhDs from UC Irvine in Cancer Biology, were nice enough to drive up and bring their own beer. We sat down with some Victoria Ale from Allagash Brewing and chatted about what we know about cancer, and what we can do to better understand it. A call to RJ (@cabbagetits) kicks things off, and a song from Matthew Robins closes it out. It’s another from his album ‘Noah’s Ark’ and it’s called “Are We Alone?”

The lyrics from the song are vaguely tangential to the conversation, and cancer research is particularly important to me after the passing of my friend Andy Ritchie on Thanksgiving. I hope we can find a way to beat this stupid disease.