113 – Marine & Molecular Biology with Tony Sam pt. 1

Tony Sam (@ToekneeSam) has degrees in Marine and Molecular Biology AND Chemistry, and now he works in comedy full-time. He spends some time in the Space Cave talking about his life, SCUBA diving and working as a marine biologist, and how he ended up in comedy — all while sharing some Foam Top Blonde Ale from Beachwood Brewing. A call to Fat Camp starts things off.

Music at the end from Fat Camp with Raining Snow.

84 – Language with Julie BC pt. 2

84-julie-bcJulie BC (@thebookchew) is back to share more Belgian Blonde Ale from Rince Cochan and continue the discussion on language, culture, and why satire is important. And check out the photos she mentioned here.

Music at the end by Dr. Dog with Unbearable Why.