42 – Algorithms with Dave Relyea pt. 2

42-Dave-RelyeaThe answer to life, the universe, and everything comes this week in the 42nd episode with Dave Relyea, an astrophysicist who shares some mead as well as his knowledge of A.I., algorithms, the future, and so much more. A talk from Phil Hellenes kicks things off.

The music at the end is Something There from Quilt from their album Plaza.

41 – Algorithms with Dave Relyea pt. 1

Dave Relyea, who has a PhD in physics from Caltech, stops by with some delicious Mead and talks about his new job, algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and some projections for the future. A chat with Riley Newton from the Bridgetown Comedy Festival gets things started.

The music at the end is Sista Festen from the album Allas Sak by Dungen.