86 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 2

The Physics Girl (@thephysicsgirl) Dianna Cowern is back to continue a wonderful chat about science, women in STEM, education, and of course Physics.

Music at the end from Papercuts with Future Primitive.

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3 thoughts on “86 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 2”

  1. Earth is flat and motionless. Global warming is measured only at urban heat islands, not rural sites. There is no globe. There is no global warming. Climate manipulation and bioengineering however is real.

    The level of government control relies on mass deception.

    NASA gets $50 million a day to lie.

  2. One thing researchers of flat Earth find out is satellites are not how we communite. It is undersea cables. There is no such thing as orbit. The only things that stay up in the sky are power aircraft and balloons.

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