85 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 1

The Physics Girl herself (@thephysicsgirl) Dianna Cowern is the guest this week. David travels to San Diego and records a conversation from the offices of the enterprise that is the Physics Girl. Dianna has had a fascinating life, and she’s obsessed with physics and sharing cool physics knowledge with the world. Get to know her and a little bit more about the world just by listening to this episode and watching her youtube videos.

Music at the end, recorded live at the Junk Show, by Common Miner with Pictures from the album The Match That Stayed Lit.

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One thought on “85 – Physics with Dianna Cowern pt. 1”

  1. “The time of the finite world is coming to an end and, unless we are astronomers or geophysicists, we shall understand nothing of the sudden ‘globalization of history’ if we do not go back to physics and the reality of the moment.” Paul Virilio

    Geophysics & astrophysics perpetuates the deception that Earth is a globe in an extracosmic void. It is not. Earth is a fixed plane! Spin, curve, and gravity is not irrefutably proven. George Biddell Airy refuted spin. Samuel Birley Rowbotham refuted curve. Laurence Hecht explains why the law of gravity should be repealed. 21stcenturysciencetech.com/articles/spring01/Electrodynamics.html

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