67 – The Love of Space with Mat Kaplan pt. 1

Mat Kaplan, the velvety smooth voice behind Planetary Radio, shares some Space Dust IPA from Elysian Brewing and talks about his life, his early fascination with space, what he loves about it, and what excites him about future exploration.

To learn more and/or become a member of the Planetary Society (highly recommended) click here.

Music at the end from D.D. Dumbo with Satan.

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One thought on “67 – The Love of Space with Mat Kaplan pt. 1”

  1. Gerald Prince cites Judith Miller and James Blish when he shows how to some the space adventure story and Ray Bradbury is not considered science fiction at all but pure fantasy.

    One thing that comes up when researching flat Earth is how technology and events occurred in science fiction stories before appearing in popular culture.

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