109 – Planetary Society with Danielle Gunn pt. 1

Danielle Gunn (@DanielleRGunn) is the communications manager at the Planetary Society and also a delightful human being who is fascinated with space, our exploration of it, and what we already know about it. Join in with some Double Nut Brown from Mammoth Brewing to hear how she ended up in her position and what we might be up to next in the world of space exploration. A chat with Non Wels starts things off.

Music at the end from Tom Petty with Runnin’ Down a Dream.

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3 thoughts on “109 – Planetary Society with Danielle Gunn pt. 1”

  1. I love your style David! You have great interviews. Please consider interviewing a flat earth researcher.

    There are important historical and philosophic implications of a cosmological deception.

    Asking about the shape of earth isn’t the end of the conversation but a beginning that leads to question power and control. Asking about how and why a deception like this can happen poses the problem of history.

    The premises of modern science and humanism go unquestioned with an affect of paralyzing people into an acceptable level of compliance.

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